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Aside from the blog, many new rexellaish things are in the works.  Rexella.org is being overhauled. “Another Sniff of Batgas”, the forthcoming album from Rexella is mixed and awaiting packaging.  We recorded a new episode of the podcast, which is now in post-production.  Another DVD is in the works.  Ochoco Street Productions (our video division) is settled into our new studio, and after making several videos for  “Another Sniff of Batgas” we are now working on a follow-up to “Jesus Vs The Pope“.  This time He will be battling the most awesome of mythological creatures: Manticore.  We are also the proud new owners of the ochocostreet.com domain and are working on an Ochoco Street Cafe Press store, so you can get your Extreme Jesus wall clocks and Team Manticore boxer shorts and such.

While you wait for all this goodness, you can try to enjoy these remixes of tracks from “Another Sniff of Batgas”.  Good Luck!

Devil beatREMIX by Rexella

Holy Hallucination (Another Sniff of Batgas) Housegas2 REMIX by Rexella


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